Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Year Update

Some exciting news to share….at the start of the holidays Karmen Abraham became my “significant other”, so my holiday took on an unexpected very pleasant extra turn!   Now, things have progressed fairly quickly. Karmen lives about 20 mins away from me in LA and goes to Grace Community Church. 

My study load reduced this semester by 4 credits to 12.5 Credits, so that is already helping with channelling some time to growing our relationship. Speaking of studies, Karmen has nearly finished her BA with a major in Biblical Counseling at The Master’s College (part time) and works as a professional disabled child trainer. Naturally Karmen is a delight herself, a bright witnesser for our Lord Jesus Christ and wants to be a pastor’s wife and serve in that role while continuing to work part time.
Karmen became a Christian 11 years ago, and her husband, hating Christianity, eventually abandoned her and served the divorce papers; the rest is history. Nina is Karmen’s 14 year old daughter who lives at home and attends Grace Church School. Her son Remy lives with his Father and attends a different school.

Whilst we were engaged to be married late January, we waited till the Master's Seminary Banquet (last night) to generate a good opportunity.   How about this one with AirForce One in the background!

With John MacArthur and Reuben and Verity Pickering.....

A couple with Nina and Jillian....

And at a New dinner, Jillian, Reuben and Verity, Nina and Remy.....

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  1. That photo of MacArthur looks photoshopped. Either that or it's really a life sized cardboard cutout. ��