Monday, November 7, 2011

Update from California

·         Just a brief note to keep you folks in the loop on my comings and goings.

·         I have just relocated from my temporary apartment with Mark and Lisa Tatlock in Santa Clarita, to my permanent digs at 8830 Newcastle Ave, Northridge, CA 91325. It is about 15 minutes away from the TMS campus and Grace Church.

·         I am really enjoying being my having been selected as a Ministry Intern with the GraceLife Fellowship Group. About 450 go there and I am one of five interns, who have participation with the leadership and mid-week Bible studies; mine is the Glendale study. Each group has two shepherds and an intern. The process also has me checking out many of the other ministries on campus over the semester.  

·         TMS is going well - really busy work load, with lots of assignments and exams, tests, quizzes, reading, research etc. Suffice to say I am really learning lots and growing much.  Classes are over Tuesday to Thursday, with the associated study hours being many more than one would imagine. However, a continuing wonderful experience!

·         My zippy little car is a royal blue Kia Spectra 5 (for those interested it is a 2,000 cc stick shift job). It gets me to TMS in 15 minutes – now there is no freeway needed, contrary to when I was in Santa Clarita.

·         I am joining with the Tatlocks for my first Thanksgiving Dinner; something I am looking forward to.

·        We celebrated Reuben’s birthday on the 1st November with dinner at Burbank, which was rather good!

·         The weather was over 107'F and like a hot blanket when I arrived, but now a bit more like NZ, at 65-70'F.

·         God has been very good and keeping me well!

·         I have a key exam tomorrow – this is a prayer item. Had one last weekend too. They tend to consume 6-7 hours in extra study. One has to get 91+ to get into the A Category.

·         My interview session with my advisor regarding Semester Two is in three days’ time. Thought I would give a better update after the exam and my Historical Theology 20 page project is done next weekend.

·         Missing you all back in NZ very much but hardly have time to catch my breath.

·         Jillian is coming over for her first white Christmas and New Year. She will join Reuben, Verity and I on our road trip up to Verity’s folks in Vernon, BC (Canada) for the big day….and a few more.

·         Chow for now and may God bless you in your service for our Lord and Saviour!



  1. Wow that all sounds awesome Lawrence! Have a fantastic Christmas - I know Jay is looking forward to it so much :)Take care - Love Michelle xo

  2. Cool to hear that it is all going well with lots of new adventures coming your way. We had a great family Guy Fawkes night at Ja' one got burnt...nothing caught on fire..not even an eyebrow got singed.....with you being in the US, there was not a lot of drama on the night!!!

    Enjoy Thanksgiving.

    Love: Kath and Graham

  3. Hey Pick, thanks for the update. Sounds like you are full on but right in your element.
    God Bless Brother.