Monday, July 11, 2011

News From Africa

After some logistical nightmares that began in Perth and resulted in changes to my itinerary, I made it to Africa.  Toilets are something to behold up here... or lack thereof.  Our tour is advocating "going bush" instead of using the toilets!  Of course, they are not toilet pans like we have... just holes in the ground anyway, with all of the "mis-fires", etc!   As for the Kili climb, I made it to the summit!  We were unable to complete the last 1,000 due to extreme weather conditions like you wouldn't believe!  I was still a bit sick, but was able to help some others in the group.  I got the summit completion certificate and am back on track now that all of the itinerary dramas have died down (I have caught up to my original tour group and travel plans - should all be tickityboo from here on).

Just finished the Massai Village and Great African Rift, seeing all of the Big 12 in plenty of numbers as the annual migration is just starting.  Looking at some five million animals so far, all gathering for and starting the migration north for more food.  Lion and cheetah within three meters of us.  Our group numbers about 15 at present.

Apart from the main highway, the roads are mainly atrocious and it takes hours to negotiate the pot holes and wash boards of various descriptions.

Weather is fine.  I am 98% better now... praise God!

We are all going out for tea tonight in Nairobi, a game meat extravaganza!

Off to the Serengetti tomorrow back in Tanzania, so it's border crossing time again.

Huge contrast between the extremely poor and "fifth world", and the most modern technology.  Locals are very keen on using internet banking via their mobile phones and everybody does it! 

Unfortunately, there will be no pictures until I get back, due to limited technology access, but they will be well worth the wait!

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